When it comes to sex, individuals have all types of options. There is the traditional form of intercourse between two or more people. However, you also have those who sometimes prefer to do it themselves via masturbation. In many cases whenever that happens, they use some form of help in order to achieve an orgasm. While the majority of men generally utilize their hands, women mostly like to use sex toys. This is true now more than ever thanks to advancement in technology. The sex toys of today are capable of doing things unlike those in the past. Not only are they more technologically advanced, they are also much more powerful. Coincidentally, they tend to deliver better results and increased pleasure.

Vibrators are more than just simple sexual gadgets though. Females use them to achieve sexual pleasure of course. But they also use these toys in order to get to know their bodies better. Couples like to use masturbating tools to spice up their relationships as well. The only problem may be choosing the right sexual gadget. Today the market is over flooded with these types of dildos and toys. Still, there are some which are much better than others.

Rabbit Vibes – An ideal sex toy for females since it delivers dual action pleasure. Awesome stimulator for the clitoris and a it also has a vibrating shaft. Keep in mind that there are few Rabbit Vibes models to choose from. One of the highest rated and most recommended is the Lucky Seven Rabbit Vives unit.

NJoy Pura Wand – Nothing beats a squirting orgasm and this sexual gadget can help women achieve that. The NJoy cleans easily and has two ends to choose from. Since it is well made, it weighs a bit more than others. Still, the curved design is awesome because it aids in keeping your wrists from being hurt and getting tired.

Lelo Soraya –

In addition to being pleasing aseptically, the rabbit style vibrator works wonder for orgasmic pleasure. The pleasing vibrations are delivered from both sides of the Lelo. That means steady vibrations from the clitoral and shaft stimulator. The unit is a bit higher in price than most but that is due to how great it works.

Crave Vester – Besides being an amazing sexual toy, this unit is a great looking necklace. Some regard it as the type of sex toys spies such as James Bond would use.