The best sex toys for Couples to make sex more enjoyable

A lot of women out there do find it quite difficult to climax, whether on their own or with a partner.  So, here are our recommendations for the best sex toys that are going to get you well on the way to that BIG O and make your sexy times with your partner more enjoyable;

Kegel Sex Toy

The key to a female orgasm is having strong Kegel muscles a.k.a your pelvic floor. Whilst, there are exercises you can do without owning any special products. Kegel sex toys are designed to contract your vaginal muscles and provide pleasure as well. The stronger the muscles are, the more intense the sensation is going to be. In addition, you’ll feel tighter to your partner, which is always a good thing.


Lack of lube can be a massive barrier when it comes to orgasms. So whether it’s vaginal or anal play on the cards, always use lube. You never need to worry about whether you’re wet enough down there or not. No matter what kind of play you’re going to be exploring, water-based lube is always a great one to go for.

Vibrating Cock Ring

This is great for women who find that their male partner climaxes faster than them. You can go for something that vibrates and it has an extra long clitoral stimulator at the front. The stimulator surrounds her clitoris with vibrations to increase stimulation, but the stretchy band also helps to slow him climax down.

Butt Plug

Using a butt plug might be a surprising choice, but not only do your butt plugs add a secondary point of stimulation, which a lot of women find is the key to climax, it also makes her feel much more full and a bit more tighter for her partner. Not only that, but during vaginal penetration, having this sex toy inside of you actually steers the penis or the dildo directly towards the G-spot.

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